Friday, May 16, 2008

Eloise Wilkin

I tried to come up with my favorite children's book, but I can't possibly narrow it down to one, so I have three. They all are written and illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Her books are hard to come by, but a collection of her books can be purchased on for around $8.00. This collection includes stories like Busy Timmy, Baby Dear and We Help Mommy. Eloise Wilkins books are very collectable and some are hard to find. She is an amazing illustrator and anyone who has read her books loves them.
Here are my three favorites:

Baby Dear. My parents gave me this book sometime when there was a new baby in our home. It is about a little girl who takes care of her baby doll while her mom takes care of the new baby. When I had my second baby my sister gave me another copy of this book, I read it to my children all the time. It is such a cute story. Copies of this book start at around $20.00.

My Goodnight Book. What a sweet book. This book shows all the things that a little girl does before she goes to bed. I love how this book includes saying prayers before going to bed. I recommend this book to anyone who has a baby girl. There are plenty of used copies of this book for sale for $1.00-$37.00.
Fix it, Please. This story is about a little brother and sister who are always breaking things. A plate, a button, and a doll are among the things that need to be fixed. Mom, Dad and even a doctor are called upon to "fix it, please". I can't even estimate the amount of times that I asked my parents to read this book to me. This book is out of print and hard to find. I saw a copy for sale for $20.00.

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