Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Fledgling by Jane Langton

The Fledgling was one of my favorite books as a youth. My copy of this book is falling apart and had to be taped back together. I enjoy reading well loved books. I really connected with Georgie, who has a hideout, vivid imagination and thinks she can fly. Her family is concerned with her fascination and belief that she can fly; they worry that she will get hurt.

"Poor Georgie...She is too young to know the limits of human possibility. For Georgie, anything is possible! She lives entirely in the pure ideal. And, after all, why should she not have been born with wings?...It's too bad! What a terrible cosmic mistake?"

This is a cute story that shows that anything is possible. There are a couple of crazy characters Madeline Prawn and Mr. Preek who are concerned about "the child" and her association with the geese that live on Walden pond. I recommend this book to anyone who has wanted to do the impossible.

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