Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hitty Her First Hundred Years

Although this book is a little slow at times, I enjoyed it. The story follows Hitty (a wooden doll) through many adventures in her first 100 years of existence. There were many times in my childhood that I wished my dolls could talk. This is a chance to see the world from a dolls perspective. The story is based on a real doll that is displayed in a museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This would be a great book to read out loud to a daughter. The author does have a sense of humor about the different scenarios. I had to laugh when Hitty wanted to learn to dance and she said something like the mind was willing but the pegs would not comply. There were also many times that Hitty wished she could help with the different situations that she found herself in. I enjoyed seeing that perspective. Now if only my mother's "Bride Doll" could talk. I would love to hear what she had to say.

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